What to expect from your inspection

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What is Covered by a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an objective non invasive, (we do not move or take apart items), review of the visible and readily accessible condition of a property at the time of the inspection.  While most inspectors focus on critical systems: Exterior, Roof, Structure, Water Control Systems, Insulation and Ventilation, Interior, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fuel Services and Appliances, we take it a step further than the minimum standards to give you a comprehensive understanding of your properties conditions.

How far out do we need to schedule?

The advantages of having a large experienced staff means that your property can be inspected at your convinience, sometimes next day if the situation is needed.

How long does a home inspection take?

There are many conditions that factor into that answer...size and age being the primary drivers.  On average a home inspection takes two and half to three hours.  We will be sure to give you a timeline when you schedule with us based on the property details.

Do I need to be there the entire time?

No, at scheduling we will give you a time to meet us for a walk through, generally the last 30 minutes of the inspection process.  However, you're welcome to be there for the entire duration, take some pictures, get some measurements.  When we have completed the investigative portion of our inspection, we will walk you through our digital presentation of your property, summarizing our findings, identifying potential concerns and giving recommendations.  

Can't make it?  No problem!  Our digital report has an extensive amount of pictures, on average over 250, detailing everything we physically see.  We believe our ability to capture the property gives you the opportunity to have a digital walk through at your fingertips at any time.

Will your inspectors go on the roof and in the attic?

We try to access every roof and attic!  The ultimate determining factor, really depends on accessibility, safety, weather, material and pitch.  Our goal is to access every portion we determine to be safe.  Our inspectors however are equipped with ladders, binoculars and in some cases drones and we can visually inspect the roof from the ground or eaves when we aren't able to walk it.

What codes violations do you check for?

While our team is generally aware of local codes, a home inspection is not a code inspection.  Many items overlap, however a home inspection mainly focuses on providing an informative and objective evaluation and overview of the visual components of a property at the time of inspection.

How long have you been doing this?

Background and experience vary from inspector to inspector.  We hand pick our inspectors specifically with different backgrounds that we feel bring expertise and value to our team.  But don't worry our ongoing training and continued education requirements ensure that every one of our inspectors are knowledgeable and prepared to review your property, and that your experience from one teammate to the other is the same.  All of our inspectors are NACHI certified which requires them to take extensive ongoing training.  Coupled with our in house training we feel confident in our teams ability to deliver a comprehensive report that exceeds your expectations.

What is your fee?

While most companies charge  based on square footage, we don't like for our customers to do unnecessary math.  We offer a flat rate fee in all markets.  Call us for details.  

Do utilities need to be on?

In short YES!  While we can still conduct the inspection in the event they are not, it severely limits our scope and potentially reduces our ability to find defects.  

Can you provide termite inspections?

We partner with the best companies in each market to provide you a comprehensive termite report.  When you call to schedule an appointment, you will be asked if you want to include termite, we take it from there.  One call, one bill.  We try to make things easy!