what we do

Home Inspection


Our easy to understand digital report delivers the confidence you need to make an informed decision and empowers you to address any potential concerns.

Pre-Listing Inspection


Our Pre-Listing Inspection enables you to maximize your homes value by understanding and potentially addressing concerns prior to listing.

BINSR Re-Inspection


Our Home Re-Inspection allows you to confidently determine if identified agreed upon repairs have been completed in a professional workmanlike manner.

Swimming Pool Inspection


Our Pool Inspection, which is completed at no additional charge, evaluates the condition and safety of your back yard pool.  

Construction Phase Inspection


Our phase inspection allows you to build your new home with confidence.  A multi visit inspection evaluates the condition of your new homes major systems at different portions of the building process and prior to being concealed by walls and fixtures. 

Termite Inspection


A termite inspection determines if there is evidence of wood-destroying insects inside or outside of your home.  Some loans make them a requirement we suggest them on all of our transactions.

One Year Warranty Inspection


Our one year inspection allows you to discover the details of any concerns you may have discovered in the first year of your new home. Our extensive inspection will empower you to provide a detailed list to your homes warranty group.

Mobile Home Inspection


Mobil home inspections aren't your standard inspection.  Allow our mobile home experts to conduct the review of your property and allow you to purchase with confidence.

Property Inspection


Our commercial property inspection is a specialized inspection focused on our business customers.  Whether you own or manage one unit or multi housing developments, we cater our services to fit your needs.